Why Tax Planning?

We provide tax planning services for all individuals to assist in the minimization of estate, income or other taxes. This can also involve analyzing employee benefit plans (pension, profit sharing, 401-k, 403-b or other plans), employees’ health care or disability plan. General assistance can also be provided in conjunction with an estate attorney or a trust department in formulating an effective individual estate plan for your spouse, heirs and /or your favorite charitable organizations.

We provide planning services to assist business clients in minimizing federal, state and local income taxes, business privilege, mercantile, payroll and other applicable taxes. All business clients are provided, if they agree to us providing these services, yearly 4th quarter reviews to plan year end tax strategies. During these 4th quarter reviews various alternatives are provided to each client so they can make intelligent decisions concerning taxes prior to their year ending. In addition to the 4th quarter reviews, we provide additional services to assist in tax planning such as review of all fringe benefit plans, including pension, profit sharing, 401(k) or other similar plans, coordination with owners’ individual wealth accumulation plans and tax law changes planning opportunities.