Firm Practices

Our firm is committed to the following standards and practices

  1. To treat all parties involved with the firm with respect and integrity.
  2. Members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This membership requires that all technical and ethical rules of the AICPA be followed by the firm and all employees of the firm. One of the requirements of membership is to have an outside CPA firm review our system of quality controls at least once every three years as it relates to the delivering of quality service to our clients. The firm and its predecessor firms, have successfully undergone these peer reviews every three years since our inception in 2001.
  3. Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) and subject to the Pennsylvania Law of Public Accountancy (LAW) and the Single AuditAct (ACT). These organizations or laws require that all certified public accountants and their firms follow certain educational and ethical requirements. The educational requirements at a minimum require 80 hours of education bi-annually with at least 16 hours in taxation and 16 hours in attestation areas. In addition, if an individual CPA practices in the field of governmental audits, the Single Audit Act requires 80 hours of specific governmental audit training. Many of our staff have over 100 hours of continuing education bi-annually in order to receive the specific governmental audit requirements and the tax and attestation requirements.